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the road transport fleet with tomorrows technology, today.

Janus Electric breakthrough technology utilises current electrical infrastructure to create a 100% carbon zero solution for electrifying the road transport fleet using renewable energy.

World First Technoloy

How It Works

Janus Electric's revolutionary exchangeable batteries power electric heavy vehicles which are changed in four minutes at a Janus Electric Charge & Change Station - powered by renewable energy sources like solar or wind.

Janus Electric’s ground-breaking battery technology has been developed by professional engineers and transport operators, who are dedicated to providing road transport businesses with a smarter, safer and cleaner alternative, placing Janus Electric at the forefront of the next phase of road transport globally.

The Jan us Solution

Be at the forefront of the next phase of road transport with Janus Electric

Significant Cost Reduction 

At the core of every transport and logistics business is the daily management of operating costs and margins. Fleet electrification will revolutionise existing operating costs and deliver significant proven savings to the bottom line over a vehicles lifetime.

The Janus fleet electrification solution will provide for up to a 60% reduction in maintenance and operating costs over the vehicle's lifetime. Electrification means no oil changes, no oil filters, no air filters, no fuel filters, and a massive reduction of heat also extends the life of brakes and tyres. Operationally fleets are also cheaper to run as the cost of electricity is cheaper than diesel per km. 

COST PER KM DIESEL                     0.96


Not adapting to new electrified fleets means transport companies running on traditional diesel fleets will be left behind by energy and cost-efficient electrical fleet operators. In Australia, we estimate that by 2030 50% of the Australian Road Transport fleet will be electric.

Interchangeable Parts

The Janus battery technology is a game-changer as the fleet owner is not locked into one type of battery cell technology. As new technology is developed, the Janus Electric battery has been created to be fully upgradable with new emerging battery technology. 

We estimate the current Janus battery cell technology will have a life of up to 8 years.

As cell technology changes it is simply integrated into the existing battery form factor.

Cleaner Work Environment

The full automation of the transmission and removal of the diesel engine means the vibration, noise, and harmful fumes from the drivers operating environment have been removed, which has positive benefits on driver well-being and for all road users. 

100% Carbon Zero

Our viable next-generation battery technology delivers a world-first zero-carbon solution for the electrification of road transport fleets. The Janus Electric technology features a battery that can be charged utilising renewable energy sources such as solar, wind and hydro. This creates a demand for renewable energy during the day which means better utilisation of the national electricity grid, which offers utility providers and governments significant return on green technology infrastructure. 



​As the batteries are not permanently fixed to the truck, they can be charged at any Janus Electric Charge and Change Station in four minutes.  The Janus (patent pending) Change & Charge Station utilises renewable energy to provide a three-way system - grid to battery, battery to battery, and battery to grid.  This enables renewable energy to be fed back into the grid, assisting to balances and minimise surges and outages.

Convert Existing Vehicles

The impossible has been made possible by the Janus Electric technology! Existing fleets can be converted to the Janus System. Janus is able to convert any existing prime mover turning it into an electric vehicle.  This significantly reduces the need for capital investment in completely new vehicles.

Note: Converting - The process of replacing existing machinery or parts that were not there when it was built. Janus trucks convert existing diesel engine trucks due for a rebuild or replacement, with a new electric motor at a comparative cost to rebuild an existing diesel motor. 

Converting existing diesel-powered trucks with Janus Electric technology can reduce capital costs by up to 70%.

Business Ecosystem

Janus Electrification Ecosystem

To date, the development, building, testing and initial proof of concept have been undertaken by a dedicated team of Australian developers. Following initial sponsor and road fleet operator interest, there are now major partnership and investment opportunities available within the investment and infrastructure categories below. ​

In addition to the Janus fleet, we have joined with Qube and Oz Minerals with the Vision Electric partnership, where the Janus technology will be put to the test in an ambitious world-first 12-month trial to use battery electric trucks for heavy haulage across long distances.

transportation truck_1x.png

Fleet Owners

Janus Electric provides a complete A to Z solution that allows Fleet Operators to cost-effectively undertake mass electrification of their entire fleet with a supporting change and charge infrastructure, which will eventually support their operating requirements nationally. If you are a fleet owner seeking to be a leader in moving to green technology, please get in touch. 


Battery Owners

Battery innovation is at the core of the Janus Electric model. We would love to hear from green venture energy funds keen to invest in battery technology that directly reduces carbon emissions in the transport industry.

electric car charge station_2x.png

Change & Charge Station

Traditional energy providers in the transportation industry have the opportunity to become new green energy providers utilising our change and charge patented battery system. If you are an operator of fuel infrastructure in key locations, we would welcome an opportunity to meet with you. 


Truck Conversion Specialists

It is our aim that dealership networks and mechanical workshops will be able to actively self-convert from diesel combustion engines to the patented Janus electrification system and we are keen to develop providers with this capability nationally.  We are happy to outline this opportunity further to any interested providers.

green lightbulb_2x.png

Energy Providers

Janus Electric facilitates partnership opportunities between the transportation industry and suppliers of electricity from all alternative sources such as solar, wind and hydro.  

If you are an existing electricity provider keen to participate in the market for the supply of electricity to the transportation industry, we welcome the opportunity to meet and outline our vision. 


Service Centres

Like the dealership networks for truck conversion, there are ongoing opportunities for dealerships and service centres to provide ongoing mechanical support. We see this as a unique opportunity to provide maintenance for emerging technology in the national transportation industry and are keen to chat with national service providers.

Case Study

Our electric prime movers are being put to work.

Janus Showcase_web (49).jpg
Janus Showcase_web (4).jpg
Janus Showcase_web (126)_edited.jpg

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the vehicle range between swaps

Vehicle range is highly dependent on configuration.  A truck/single trailer combination will generally have a range of 300-400 km between battery swaps

Is the technology commercially available

Yes, Contact us to organise your conversion today.

Why did you choose American models for testing and can you electrify any prime mover regardless of make, model or age?

Janus Electric chose common US prime movers to showcase the global potential of our technology. Any Class 8 Prime Mover can be converted regardless of make or model.  We aim to work on trucks that have been built in the last 10 years due to the electrical infrastructure on the vehicle

How does the charging work?

It takes 4 minutes to swap out a Janus Electric Battery (as opposed to 20 minutes to refuel a diesel-powered vehicle). The batteries are placed in a charge station located in key locations and swapped out for a ready-to-go battery located in the charge station. The Janus Electric software manages the time availability of charged batteries. 

Expressions of Interest

Interested in converting your fleet with the first TRUE carbon zero transport solution? Wanting to invest?

For more information or to arrange a viewing of an electric prototype, please fill out the form below or contact


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